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allsor.global. International Freight Forwarder & Brand Marketing Company

Allsor Ltd – Russian company operating at the junction of international markets and ensuring their interaction and integration.

International Freight Forwarder

For us, products supply is a complex concept including a whole range of services focused both on the equipment supplier and its customer. We act as a single contractor, providing the guaranteed delivery from the manufacturer or its dealer to the customer.

Range of service

  • Development of an effective logistic solution (shipment from the supplier to the customer).
  • Customs clearance.
  • Warehouse services.
  • Localisation of technical and operational documentation and of advertising materials.

We undertake not only to deliver products from anywhere in the world, but also to help in their localisation and promotion in the Russian market.

Brand Marketing

Allsor Ltd is your entry point to the Russian B2B market.

Range of service

We create an entry point to the Russian B2B market and a launch pad for sales by:

  • including your products in the list of equipment offered by our company;
  • placing information about your brand on our website.

We develop and provide logistics solutions by:

  • organising the delivery of your products to Russia and the CIS countries;
  • providing a full range of international and national logistics services;
  • providing warehouse services;
  • providing customs clearance and customs broker services.

We provide localisation of technical documentation and certification support, including:

  • qualified translation of your technical documentation into Russian and its adaptation to the requirements of Russian standards;
  • certification support for your equipment, if it is subject to mandatory certification in Russia.

We provide your brand support and promotion by:

  • translating and adapting your marketing and advertising materials for the Russian consumer;
  • preparing a complete technical catalogue of your products for the Russian consumer;
  • creating your company’s website in the Russian domain zone, or placing your product catalog on the website of our company;
  • promoting your brand in the Russian market.

Depending on your marketing strategies, we set up a sales point for your company in Russia by means of:

  • selecting companies and organising dealer network in Russia;
  • organising the signing of an exclusive distributor agreement for the Russia with our company or with a third party;
  • assisting in opening of your company’s representative office in Russia.

Our services are always tailored to meet the unique and changing needs of each company. We will be happy to meet you to discuss personally the scope of services that fits your business. Our experts are ready to visit your company to get acquainted with your products.

All that you need to do is to contact us!

About Allsor company

Our services and competencies

  • For Russian clients. Integrated supply solutions for manufacturers, industrial and firefighting equipment supply, international freight forwarding services.
  • For foreign companies. International freight forwarding services, launching and supporting foreign brands in the Russian market.

We are sure that the success of the business depends on the ability to establish a true partnership with clients. Our clients are our priority and our most important asset.

Our aims

Efficient integration of the Russian market into the global system by providing an easy access for Russian companies to foreign markets.

Encouraging perfect competition in the Russian market among the manufacturers of high quality equipment by supplying high-quality products to the Russian market and ensuring their manufacturers a comfortable access to the Russian market.


We offer customised partnership models for all of our valued partners, working together with you to find the best way for our services to complement your business.

We worked with brands: Prioritet (Russia), ProductosMesa (Spain), POK (France), CSI (Italy), VIADRUS (the Czech Republic), JOHSTADT (Germany), R.PONS (France), FAS (Italy), BERMAD (Israel) and others.


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